Nuffield KS3 D&T Resources

Resource Tasks are short practical activities to make students think and to help them learn the knowledge and skills they need to design and make really well. All material areas are covered.

Case Studies are true stories about design and technology in the world outside school. Students learn the way firms and businesses design, manufacture, market and sell goods. They also learn about the impact that products have on the people who use them and the places where they are made.

Capability Tasks require students to design and make products that work. These build on the learning experience of Resource Tasks and Case Studies. Capability Tasks meet the designing and making requirements of the Design & Technology National Curriculum.

Chooser charts provide information to help students make design decisions across all the focus areas,

In these materials there are many illustrated activities aimed at supporting student engagement which are still worthwhile. We encourage teachers to modernise the activities. For example teachers are free to and cut and paste any useful illustrations into their own resources. If you do update any of the materials you might like to ask us to host copies of the new materials here so that others may benefit from the developments.

Capability TasksNuffield D&T KS3 book

Case Studies

Chooser Charts

Communications Resource Tasks

Computer Control Resource Tasks

Electrical Control Resource Tasks

Food Resource Tasks

Health and Safety Resource Tasks

Mechanical Control Resource Tasks

Resistant Materials Resource Tasks

Strategy Resource Tasks

Textiles Resource Tasks


Starting D&TTeacher Guide

Student assessment sheets

Starting Nuffield D&T


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