Foresight resources 01

Change of Place TGThis curriculum unit is called Change of Place and is concerned with designing cities of the future. This is not  an exercise in fantasy but linked strongly to the findings of the Foresight Report on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems.

Teacher’s Guide Change of Place

TASK1 (How we use transport now)

TASK2 (Travelling to work for life and leisure)

TASK3.1 (Important technologies Part 1 Energy and Transport)

TASK3.2 (Important technologies Part 2 Smart Vehicles)

TASK3.3 (Important technologies Part 3 Materials and Smart Flows)

TASK4 Comic: To help thinking about presumptions

TASK5 Developing existing cities

TASK6 Envisioning new cities

EA1 Extension activity: An important emerging technology: Thinking about SPIMES

EA2 Extension activity: Future employment: Thinking about jobs in the future

INFO About PIES approach to needs and wants

ACT4 Board Game: Snakes and Ladders


One thought on “Foresight resources 01

  1. Salutations to this great post. ‘Change of Place’ is curriculum you can go for when you want to make a change. Can I add more to your Resources? A huge library of resources for change is a great deal to start this project.


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