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The Take Shape project

Taking Shape coverTackling the challenge of an overweight society
is a difficult and demanding task. It will require co-ordinated action across different government departments, local authorities, the food industry, local communities and individuals. An essential step in tackling the task is the education of students at school, not simply to develop the habits of healthy eating but to help them appreciate the complexity of the problem and its ‘whole society’ nature. The Take Shape project enables students aged 14–19 to learn about the complex causes of obesity in our society, to consider how the problems associated with obesity might be tackled and to make suggestions to key stakeholders as to their roles in developing solutions.

Teacher Guide

Task 1 Why do people put on so much weight that it affects their health?

Task 2 What might people do in the future to achieve a healthy weight?

Task 3 What should be done to prevent the increase in obesity making undue demands on the NHS?

Task 4 Is there one major cause of obesity in young people?

Task 5 What can be done to prevent, treat and tackle obesity?

Task 6 What can we learn from other interventions?

Task 7 How does a systems view help develop solutions?

Task 8 Will new technologies help or hinder?

Task 9 What must be included in a successful strategy to tackle obesity?

Big Task

Ext Task 1 How can interventions work together?

Ext Task 2 What drives the energy balance in our bodies?

Research 1 Looking at the Lifestyles of Seven Different Families

Research 2 Looking at Areas of Action to Deal with Obesity

Research 3 Three Approaches to Obesity

Research 4 Two Intervention Case Studies

Research 5 The Need for Synergy     


This introduces students to four future scenarios and helps them think about the economy, healthcare and food in each scenario.

Slideshow sheets

Board Game

Snakes game

Comics Actvs


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