Stuff we like…

We have found the items noted in these pages to be of considerable interest. In some cases they have been inspirational with regard to our practice in design & technology education. In other cases we have found them really interesting although perhaps outside our work in design & technology. In yet others cases we thought them just so cool that we had to share them. By and large if you have the time all the items we list are worth giving some reading, watching or listening time. Many of them should find a place in the d&t department teacher library.

Stuff about technology

Stuff about Disruptive Technologies

Stuff about design

Stuff about making and the Maker Movement

Stuff about maker education

Stuff about education

Stuff about science fiction

Stuff that is just cool



2 thoughts on “Stuff we like…

  1. Hi Ann Marie,
    Thanks for that; would you like to say a bit more about who the audience is – bearing in mind the main audience for this site is (probably) folk with an interest in education.
    Readers may also be interested to know that your Cloud9 software won the award for Best Consumer Software at the 3D PrintShow last week – ahead of some big names like Blender, SketchUp Pro etc. Well done!


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