Working Papers

Often the work we and those we work with do is crystallised in some kind of writing. Much of the time this is in academic papers, conference papers, chapters in books, contributions to professional journals and so on. Many of these publications are recorded elsewhere on this website.

Sometimes though, none of those outlets are quite the right vehicle for our purpose and in these cases we produce our own ‘working papers’ which we publish here. One of the huge advantages of publishing in journals, conferences and books is that you get the benefit of editorial input and, in some cases, academic review from outsiders with considerable experience. It follows that self-publication carries the risk of containing flaws because of the lack of external editorial involvement. We try to mitigate against this risk in two ways. Firstly, however many authors a paper might list, there will always have been others involved in reading and critiquing and these colleagues are acknowledged. Secondly we actively invite comment and critique from the wider community of D&T practitioners and where necessary incorporate these into revised versions.

Links to working papers and their related documentation are listed below.


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