Young Foresight

Young Foresight was a curriculum development initiative aimed at enhancing pupil creativity by developing pupils’ design ability through collaborative tasks in which groups of pupils designed, but did NOT make, products and services for the future that utilised new and emerging technologies. The resources consisted of printed materials for teachers and pupils plus TV programmes for pupils as follows:

The toolkit consists of short focused learning activities that teach knowledge, understanding and skills likely to be useful in the more open task of designing (but not making) products and services for the future.

We believe that designing without making is still a valid pupil activity at Key Stage 3 and whilst some of the detail in these materials is now out of date the overall thrust is very relevant. Many of the activities and the illustrations aimed at developing creativity through designing are still worthwhile and we encourage teachers to modernise the activities. For example teachers are free to and cut and paste any useful illustrations into their own resources. If you do update any of the materials you might like to ask us to host copies of the new materials here so that others may benefit from the developments.


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