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Dr David Barlex

David is an acknowledged leader in design & technology education, curriculum design and curriculum materials development. He taught in comprehensive schools for 15 years achieving head of faculty positions in science and design & technology before taking university positions in teacher education. He directed the Nuffield Design & Technology Project and was Educational Manager for Young Foresight. David is well-known for his interest and expertise in developing curriculum materials that support pupil learning from a constructivist perspective. He uses this approach to develop young peoples’ ability to understand and critique the design decisions made by professional designers and those they make themselves in design & technology lessons. This informed the Nuffield Design & Technology publications which have been widely used in the UK and emulated abroad – Russia, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.


David on LinkedIn

David’s Publications

Torben Steeg

Torben Steeg is a freelance consultant in education, specialising in CPD, Initial Teacher Education, curriculum development and trialling, project management, evaluation and research in Design & Technology, Information Technologies (IT), Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering and, within D&T, programmable systems, systems thinking, electronics and communications technologies, the uses of ICTs to support learning, novel technologies and the implications of the maker and hacker movements for education.

His research interests include the interactions between D&T, Computing, Science, Engineering and Mathematics, IT use in schools, and, within D&T, systems thinking, control technologies, the Internet of Things and the uses of digital technologies to support learning and designing and making.

He is a member of the editorial board for the D&T Association’s ‘Design and Technology Education: An International Journal’ and an owner and editor of the online journal ‘ECT Education’. He is a part-time visiting lecturer on the D&T, Computing and Physics ITE programmes at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He has helped organise the the Manchester Maker Faire, and Manchester MakeFest, held annually at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, since 2012 and is involved in the maker movement both in the Greater Manchester area and, increasingly, nationally.

After gaining a degree in Physics and Computer Science he engaged in detached youth work for some years before entering teaching. He taught D&T, Control Technology, Science, Computing and IT before moving to the University of Manchester, to work with the Technology Enhancement Programme. Since then he has worked with the Nuffield D&T Project and the Electronics in Schools Strategy, led the PGCE in D&T at the University of Manchester and contributed to Masters programmes in educational ICT. Until recently he ran a Local Authority Science and Technology Centre specializing in digital designing and making where, among other things, a successful programme of activities introduced pupils from 5-18 to the challenges and excitements of technical and scientific subjects, through the use of advanced technologies.


Torben on LinkedIn

Torben on Google+

[Facebook: If you look you will find me on Facebook – but I never use Facebook. For this reason I don’t respond to friend requests, posts etc.]

Torben’s Publications

We are delighted that a number of colleagues, with whom we have had the pleasure of working over the years, have agreed to be listed as associates who may work with us on some projects and whose talents we can draw on to support work we are doing.


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