Disruptive Technologies


Welcome to the Disruptive Technologies Project. As it develops it will provide an introduction to a range of new and emerging technologies that are likely to have a significant effect on all our lives in the not too distant future.

In this Project David Barlex, Torben Steeg and Nick Givens are developing a range of materials that describe disruptive technologies. They identify opportunities for teaching mainly in design & technology but also in science and computer science. We believe that studying disruptive technologies within design & technology is important for three main reasons.

First it will contribute significantly to the rigour of the subject.

Second it will raise the appeal of design & technology to those pupils who are not motivated by technology as an end in itself, but are interested in the ways that technologies affect the world they live in.

Third it will inform the modernisation of the subject;

  • by developing new subject knowledge about new and emerging technologies with a focus on disruptive technologies
  • by introducing a new skill base with regard to critique and a new pedagogy with regard to teaching both the knowledge and the skills.

On a more prosaic note, new and emerging technologies are a required area of study in both the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum Programme Study and the new single subject design & technology GCSE. Our view is that it would make eminent sense to choose those new and emerging technologies which will impact significantly on people’s lives. Hence we will be promoting the Disruptive Technologies Project to key stakeholders: including teachers, Awarding Organisations, Teacher Professional Associations, Teacher Educators, Key Industrialists and Relevant Professional Societies.

To take the Project forward we are developing a Teachers’ Guide plus Teacher Briefings and Teaching Notes for the following disruptive technologies:

Separately, in the …about Disruptive Technologies part of this website, we are collecting ‘stuff’ that provides further information and interesting perspectives about the various disruptive technologies.

If you’d like to be involved in trying out some of these ideas with your students, please do get in touch with us.

Creative Commons License
The Disruptive Technologies Materials by Barlex, Givens, Steeg are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://dandtfordandt.wordpress.com/projects/disruptive-technologies/.


2 thoughts on “Disruptive Technologies

  1. Looks like a really interesting and vital direction for D&T, as we move into a new era. It will be essential for school staff to engage with this. Are you looking for hosts for your teacher briefings? I’d like to offer my department as a potential venue.


    • Thanks for this David.
      That is a very kind offer and one that we might well take up when the time is right.
      We’ll also be looking for folk to get involved in trying out some of these ideas with their students, again, in due course.
      I need to add that to the page I think….


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