KS3 Strategy Resource Tasks

SRT01 Design BriefsSRT1

SRT02 Specifying

SRT03 Recording Tools

SRT04 Interviw Questions

SRT05 Needs and Wants

SRT06 Specifying

SRT07 Research

SRT08 Image Boards

SRT09 Choosing Images

SRT10 Capturing Images

SRT11 Brainstorming

SRT12 Metamotphosis

SRT13 Pattern Design

SRT14 Attribute Analysis

SRT15 Sectioning Images

SRT16 Random Connections

SRT17 Product Style

SRT18 Product Colour

SRT19 Product Feel

SRT20 Product Harmony & Scale

SRT21 Drawing Simple Shapes

SRT22 Drawing Using Grids

SRT23 Drawing 3D

SRT24 Crating

SRT25 Drawing Solids

SRT26 Nets


SRT28 Spreadsheets

SRT29 Backgrounds

SRT30 Layout

SRT31 Graphs

SRT32 Instructions

SRT33 System Diagrams

SRT34 System Interfaces

SRT35 Feedback

SRT36 Flowcharts

SRT37 User Trips

SRT38 Winners and Losers

SRT39 Appropriate

SRT40 Product Analysis

SRT41 Design Vocabulary

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