KS3 Capability Tasks

KS3 CT Novelties (Y7)

KS3 CT Rainbow radios (Y7)

KS3 CT T-tops (Y7)

KS3 CT Creative Food (Y7)

KS3 CT Healthy Heart (Y7)

KS3 CT Masks (Y7)

KS3 CT Special Effects (Y7)

KS3 CT Long and Short (Y7)

KS3 CT Robots are Go (Y8)Robots

KS3 CT Smart Card Security (Y8)

KS3 CT Better Food (Y8)

KS3 CT Home-made Shop-bought (Y8)

KS3 CT Carrying (Y8)

KS3 CT Display Treasures (Y8)

KS3 CT Carrier bags (Y8)

KS3 CT Hot Comfort (Y8)

KS3 CT Electronic Education (Y9)

KS3 CT Electronic Opportunities (Y9)

KS3 CT Better Weighing (Y9)

KS3 CT Petshop Parade (Y9)

KS3 CT Flat Pack hats (Y9)

KS3 CT Strut your Stuff (Y9)

KS3 CT Hi Quality Tours (Y9)

KS3 CT School Trip (Y9)

KS3 CT Information Kiosk (Y9)

KS3 CT Live-in Design (Y9)


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