Wear It: Explore wearable technology at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

wear-itWear It is an event exploring the world of wearable technology, running from 10th – 13th March at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

And I’ll be there running a free soldering workshop for the full four days with Mark Gilbert and a team of STEM Ambassadors. So, drop by, learn how to solder and take away a cool electronic badge.

Children are very welcome; as a general rule we’ll let anyone 8 or older solder with a responsible adult and young people from 12 can come along unaccompanied.

And of course there are lots of other fun things to do once you’ve got your flashing badge on.


Robotics Teacher Briefing – available earlier than expected!

Robotics TBTo complement the Disruptive Technologies Teachers’ Guide we are producing a Teacher Briefing about each individual disruptive technology. Each briefing is organised as follows:

  • Sections 1 and 2 discuss the disruptive technology in broad terms.
  • Section 3 considers two or three particular examples in some detail.
  • Section 4 discusses how the technology might be disruptive using the McKinsey criteria for disruption.
  • Section 5 considers trends in uptake and impact.
  • Section 6 discusses contentious issues that might arise in relation to the deployment of the disruptive technology.
  • Section 7 discusses briefly the interaction of the technology under consideration with other disruptive technologies.
  • Section 8 lists useful web references that will allow the reader to keep up to date.

The Robotics Teacher Briefing is now available.

Disruptive Technologies: Teachers’ Guide

Teachers' GuideWe’ve just published the first part of the curriculum development work we’ve been doing with Nick Givens  around the idea of Disruptive Technologies.

This takes the form of the Teachers’ Guide. Between now and the summer we plan to add Teacher Briefings and Teaching Notes for each of the nine disruptive technologies we have been exploring.

If you’d like to be involved in trying out some of these ideas with your students, please do get in touch with us.