Robotics Teacher Briefing – available earlier than expected!

Robotics TBTo complement the Disruptive Technologies Teachers’ Guide we are producing a Teacher Briefing about each individual disruptive technology. Each briefing is organised as follows:

  • Sections 1 and 2 discuss the disruptive technology in broad terms.
  • Section 3 considers two or three particular examples in some detail.
  • Section 4 discusses how the technology might be disruptive using the McKinsey criteria for disruption.
  • Section 5 considers trends in uptake and impact.
  • Section 6 discusses contentious issues that might arise in relation to the deployment of the disruptive technology.
  • Section 7 discusses briefly the interaction of the technology under consideration with other disruptive technologies.
  • Section 8 lists useful web references that will allow the reader to keep up to date.

The Robotics Teacher Briefing is now available.

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