D&T for the Next Generation

coverThe book Design & Technology for the next generation was published in 2007 through funding from the Technology Enhancement Project with the intention that a copy should be given free of charge to every qualifying design & technology teacher for the following three years. For various reasons this intention was not met. The result was a very limited print run and despite the fact that the book was well received and found its way on many Initial Teacher Training and Masters Courses reading lists it became difficult to obtain and is now virtually unobtainable. To our mind this is a shame as the authors contributing to the book were, and still are, at the forefront of scholarship concerning the purpose, teaching and learning of design & technology education. Hence we are making available free to download PDFs of all the chapters in the book as we believe that they will provide useful reading for all design & technology teachers at a time when the subject is being challenged to modernise particularly in response the introduction of a new single subject GCSE being first taught in September 2017.
The chapters in the book are as follows:
At a time when all creative subjects are being marginalised in the structure of GCSE option choices, it is particularly important that design & technology teachers are able to argue convincingly for the place of their subject in the education for ALL young people up to the age of 16+. Not in terms of a narrow vocational argument centred on the economic necessity of skills required by industry, which will inevitably only apply to a minority of young people, but in terms of an induction to a culturally significant area of human activity that has shaped successive civilisations across history.

2 thoughts on “D&T for the Next Generation

  1. I agree, however the access to the PDF’s has now opened up a whole new opportunity, with my trainees engaging in the reading of this essential text, guided by me locating the most relevant chapters, further use of the materials can now be truly embedded throughout my course, as we move more towards e- reading this has brought the content back to life. Lets hope they become the generation of ambassadors for the subject who create the follow on version through masterly writing, with a grounded understanding of our routes and struggles – watch this space !!

    Thanks again !

    Tracey Goodyere Birmingham City University Subject Leader PGCE in Design and Technology
    (PGCE Deputy Programme Lead)


  2. A shame this is no longer available, as it was one of the most important key texts we used to get our trainees at Manchester to obtain. I know that it served them well, and still will, during their teaching every day. Thanks for allowing us access to the pdf versions. Another sign of the times, but we still hope for better days ahead!


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