Sorrell; “Design education in the UK is being marginalised”

John SorrellDezeen has a report on a speech by John Sorrel, founder of the London Design Festival and former chair of the Design Council and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, in which he argues that the UK is failing to invest in the next generation of creative talents despite the government’s reliance on our creativity to attract investment:

“It is the government’s calling card everywhere in the world,” said Sorrell. “Their calling card is not missile sales, it’s not accountancy, it’s not construction, it’s this amazing work we’re part of which makes Britain so loved by the rest of the world – our creativity. It makes us a very attractive place to do business and to invest in.”

Designed and made in Britain campaign documentThe full report is well worth the read and it supports completely the D&T Association’s ‘Designed and Made in Britain…?’ Campaign. It’s easy for campaigns like this to look self-serving; ‘they would say that wouldn’t they?’. But, as you will see, the Campaign’s materials draw on the wider implications  of government policy in this area and have a broad range of  supporters. Sorrels’s speech adds weight to the campaign.

The Campaign pages have lots of suggestions for ways in which you can add your own support – not least by signing the Campaign petition.

Please do; it’s important.


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