KS3 Nuffield D&T materials available for free download

I’m delighted to be able to say that we have now made the Nuffield D&T KS3 resources available for download from this site.Nuffield D&T KS3 book

There are more than 200 documents available covering all material areas and with progressive support for developing D&T capability from y7-9. These are all free in both senses (free as in beer and free as in speech); there is no cost for these materials and you are free to use them, or parts of them, in any way you wish with whomever you wish.

We have tried our best to organise the materials helpfully so that you can rapidly drill down to the kinds of resources that you are interested in. if you can see ways in which this organisation can be improved, we’d be pleased to hear your advice.

The new D&T National Curriculum is, as David has noted, now near it’s final form and looking like a document providing sensible growth from previous Orders; this is a good time to be revising your KS3 schemes of work. We hope that within these resources there are things that will help support this development. Inevitably, after 15 or so years, the rapid advance of technology has made some items less relevant but we think the bulk of the materials remain fresh and appropriate.

We’d be very happy to hear from colleagues who find the materials useful in guiding their curriculum development.

Equally if you or your department would like advice on using the materials to refresh your curriculum, please do get in touch with us.