To support the teaching of robotics as a disruptive technology we have developed materials for teachers in the form of a Briefing and a Teaching Guide. These can be freely downloaded from the foot of this page.

In addition, we are collecting ‘stuff’ about Robotics that provides further information and interesting perspectives in the …about Robotics area of this website.

A very basic definition of a robot is “a machine that automates a physical task”. This is limited because it gives no indication as to the intelligence and autonomy of such a machine. A microwave cooker automates the task of heating food but is simply responding according to instructions selected from a menu of pre-programmed instructions.

So a more appropriate definition is “a machine that carries out a physical task autonomously using a combination of embedded software and data provided by sensors”. This definition embraces relatively simple robots such as the Roomba vacuum cleaner to extremely complex robots such as the Google self driving car.

Materials for Teachers

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Teacher Briefing




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Teaching Guide




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