Commons enquiry in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics TGThe House of Commons Science and Technology Committee are holding an enquiry into Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. David and Torben submitted written evidence which says, in a nut shell, ‘teach young people about them at school through D&T lessons that encourage them to consider the consequences of deploying technologies’. Clearly our Disruptive Technologies Project is aimed to help teachers do just that. And as if on cue The Robotics Teaching Guide is now available here, later than expected but we think you’ll find it useful. As always comments much appreciated.

One thought on “Commons enquiry in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

  1. I would be fully supportive of this initiative as we, as a country, seem to be falling behind in some STEM educational technologies. I have recently returned from a holiday in China where the govt has just funded a new 50 place degree in UAV Technology. This is designed to explore the disruptive technologies, future applications, engineering principles etc. A solid foundation at GCSE/ A level would certainly help to support our future engineers/ technologists.


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