Ofqual consultation: regulations for Engineering and D&T assessment

Ofqual consultation 2015Just as you thought it was safe to get back in the water…..

Ofqual is running a consultation on the Conditions and Guidance for GCSE Engineering, GCSE, AS and A level Design and Technology; This has been running since mid-December and is, we think, the final consultation in the current round of reform of these examinations.

The deadline for response is 20th January – that is, this Wednesday (at 1145pm). Full details on how to respond are on the consultation page.

This particular consultation may seem a bit technical, obscure even. But it contains important details about the ways that Ofqual intends to regulate the D&T and Engineering specifications provided by the various Awarding Organisations. We largely agree with the proposals and where we do we think it is important to say so (there may those responding who don’t agree and Ofqual need to hear the assenting voices as well). There are a few places where we have some concerns, especially in relation to the proposals for dividing up the Assessment Objectives between the examined and non-examined assessments, and we have detailed these in our response.

You can read our draft response here. We’ll be emailing our final response to Ofqual on Wednesday and will happy to receive comments on our draft between now and then.

As ever, and especially as time is short, if you agree with what we say you are very welcome to use our words in your own responses.