Harris Academy Federation D&T Keynote | Teaching for the new single subject D&T GCSE

Harris ppt image[Posted on David’s behalf.]
The PowerPoint from today’s keynote is available here.
David’s session was unfortunately curtailed due to previous speaker overrunning and initial glitches with IT System but even in its shortened form the presentation generated considerable interest with delegates keen to be involved in the research and professional development needed to make the new D&T GCSE a success.

2 thoughts on “Harris Academy Federation D&T Keynote | Teaching for the new single subject D&T GCSE

  1. I love the tools for considering consequences.
    Very interesting reading as always.. I think one of the biggest obstacles we are going to need to overcome in the next few years is the challenge of meeting the needs/interests of some of the students who are ‘guided’ into D&T subjects due to Ebac or preconceptions of it being an easy option if you don’t like other subjects. Whilst at the same time we are going to be making it far more challenging for this type of student to access the curriculum whilst we are ‘modernising’ it.
    I love the idea of making it much more technological and demanding but if the raw materials on our educational production line are not up to the specifcation the final outcome is going to be a dissapointment for all.
    Given a few years and appropriate CPD it is a very desirable goal….. but if students do not enjoy it they will not opt for it.. A real catch 22 situation.
    Thanks for the excelllent resource.


    • Mike
      If you try out the tools with your pupils do let us know how it goes. Or if you need more info to try them out just get in touch.


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