Our Final Response to the Ofqual GCSE D&T Consultation

Following our recent posts about the DfE and Ofqual D&T GCSE consultations, this post provides links to our final response to the Ofqual consultation, which concerns the assessment of the revised GCSE in Design & Technology for first teaching in 2017.

Our response, available as a Word document or as a PDF, is extracted from the full Ofqual response form. The question numbers are as in the original.

Note that the consultation deadline is today!

We hope colleagues will find this document useful in formulating their own responses. We are very happy, if you agree with our points, for you to simply use our text, or for you to use it as a starting point for your own comments.

You can respond in any of the ways described below.

How to respond 

The consultation website is here.

Respond online

Or email to: consultations@ofqual.gov.uk

Or write to:

GCSE design and technology consultation, Ofqual, Spring Place, Herald Avenue, Coventry, CV5 6UB

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