BACC for the Future: new petition

bacc_skyscraperThe BACC for the Future campaign has relaunched in response to the Government announcement that it will be compulsory for all pupils starting secondary school this September to take the full suite of EBacc subjects at GCSE; schools that do not comply will no longer be able to be graded as outstanding.

The details of how this will be implemented will be the subject of a consultation in the Autumn, but now is a good time to let the government know that this is a flawed idea – and you can do this by signing the BACC for the Future petition.

As the campaign notes:

  • This excludes creative subjects from school accountability measures and harms the place of creative subjects in schools.

  • There is no published evidence to support the choice of subjects included in the EBacc.

  • Creative subjects are educationally and economically valuable and are valued by the British public.

Clearly this proposal poses a huge risk to D&T as a subject (along with other non-EBacc subjects) by threatening to severely limit the number of pupils able to choose it as a GCSE option.

[PS: it’s worth noting that the D&T Association is supporting this campaign.]

One thought on “BACC for the Future: new petition

  1. I’m sure I was not the only person choking on my morning toast at hearing Nick Gibb making a ‘social justice’ case for the EBacc in schools. If anything it will achieve the complete opposite. It was also hugely disappointing to hear Nick Gibb misquoting Sir Ken Robinson and his beliefs on the importance of creative subjects. Robinson has never suggested (in fact in his speeches his makes a point of making this clear) that academic subjects are not important. His point has always been that so are creative subjects and should be held up as equals – that is – that it is the hierarchy of subjects that is wrong, misleading to young people and limits their ability to realise their potential and fully develop their talents. To state otherwise is at best completely misunderstanding the point made, and at worst twisting it for political gain. As D&T teachers we understand the importance of a balanced and well rounded education, so we must oppose the EBacc in its current guise at every turn. We managed to get it canned once, I’m sure we can do so again.


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