Roehampton University leads the way in STEM education for schools

The half day seminar at Roehampton University ‘STEM Education – Visions of integration and synergy’ this afternoon (4 June) could not have been better. Great opening keynote from Maggie Philbin about the work of TeenTech CIC. Do visit the website and find out how TeenTech events and awards make a real difference to a wide range of young people. Miles Berry entertained and informed with a presentation on computational thinking with real time problem solving in front of the audience – a bit nerve wrecking for Miles but hugely engaging. David Swinscoe, who was involved in the production of the Royal Society Vision Report, gave a thought provoking piece celebrating the seminal work of the ASPIRES Project and highlighting the significance of appropriate practical work in science.

I had the D&T slot and made what I thought was a convincing case for D&T to be a part of STEM. My’take home’ messages were:

  • Differences between STEM subjects are legitimate and to be respected
  • By teaching in the light of STEM …
  1. Learning in science and math can enhance learning in d&t
  2. Learning in d&t can enhance learning in science and math
  3. This requires planning but is NOT disruptive
  • Impact of STEM needs to be assessed

There are more details in the actual Powerpoint – STEM Roehampton[final]

And of course BIG thanks to Ruth Seabrook and Simon Gallacher for conceiving and organizing the event. They will be publishing a fuller report in due course. As soon as I know where it is I’ll blog the link.

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