Two time-limited Make: book offers

The Humble Make: Book Bundle allows you to pay what you want for a bundle of Make: books; this really is very time limited as it appears to run out a little before midnight tonight.

Also, to celebrate the 10th Year of Maker Faire, O’Reilly is offering a 50% discount on all Ebooks from MAKE:.  This offer expires on the 20th May.


The Maker Movement and D&T

DaThinking, Testing, Making- A Manifesto for Designvid mentioned in his previous post my interest in the maker movement, and I did note with particular pleasure that the All Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation group had published Thinking, Testing, Making: A Manifesto for Design and that it argued (as David said) for “strategic support of makerspaces, hackspaces and Maklabs as a means of integrating design and technology education at all levels with that of local industry and business”.

The Maker Movement and D&TAs it happens the D&T Association has just published The Maker Movement and Design & Technology, an article I wrote for D&T Practice (2:2015). The aim of the article is to alert D&T teachers to some of the vast amount of activity that is going on under the broad banner of ‘the maker movement’ and suggest some ways that D&T departments might start to explore building a relationship with their local maker community.

I’ll be really interested to hear from any schools that either already work (or have started a discussion) with local makers. Equally if there are schools or makers who would like to engage in joint work but aren’t sure where to start, please get in touch!

While I’m talking about the article, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ particularly to Cefn Hoille of Shrimping itMark StroupElizabeth Perry, and Haydn Insley of the Manchester FabLab; all were helpful in giving me their time as I pestered them about the article.

David’s previous post mentioned a 2008 conference paper Makers, Hackers and Fabbers: What is the future for D&T?. 2008 is a very long time ago in maker movement years, so I’m not sure how useful this paper is anymore – but the link is now there for those who might want it.

Finally, publication of the The Maker Movement and Design & Technology, article has prompted me to add some resources on the ‘Stuff we like… …about maker education‘ page of this site. If you have any other resources you think should be included here – please let me know.