An All Party Manifesto for DESIGN!

The All Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group has just published a Manifesto for Design, available here. A key point from the conclusion is: Design thinking to be an integral part of the design discipline as taught in primary, secondary, further and higher education.

Good news for design & technology especially now as from September 2017 it will be a single, coherent and demanding GCSE subject. One of the headlines and comments in the Education section of the Manifesto provides a stark warning: The Government should act to reverse the decline in participation in design The DfE should address the unintended consequences of Ebacc and Progress 8 by making clear statements about the value of D&T 
and the importance the Government attaches to schools ensuring all pupils have an entitlement to D&T.

It remains to be seen whether the DfE does anything in response but if you know that an All Party Parliamentary Group has indicated its concern you can use this in discussions with SLT about the worth of D&T and having an appropriate place in GCSE option choices.

The manifesto also argues for “strategic support of makerspaces, hackspaces and Maklabs as a means of integrating design and technology education at all levels with that of local industry and business”. Involving your D&T department with the local maker movement would seem an obvious way to engage with the manifesto. Many visitors to the site will know that Torben is an ardent advocate of the maker movement. So he’ll be following up this post with one of his own. And it should be remembered that Torben was prescient in his recognition of the importance of the maker movement for D&T presenting a paper at the Design and Technology Association Education and International Research Conference in 2008. If you have any comments on the Manifesto do let me know. And if you use it with your SLT please send in the details of their response.