Michael Gove, Education and Robots

No, this isn’t a cheap jibe about Gove being a robot! On 3rd March Michael Gove gave a speech about the future of vocational education. Interestingly a part of the speech concerned the possible impact of robotics and AI on employment. The term the minister used was ‘robolution’. The blog I posted on February 12 now seems almost prescient. The drive behind posting the blog on Feb 12 was two fold. First the KS3 Programme of Study for D&T requires a consideration of new and emerging technologies and clearly robotics is becoming a new and emerging technology. Secondly both I and Torben are interested in young people at school understanding so called disruptive technologies – see our paper with Nick Givens on this site. We have a disruptive technologies curriculum development project which will soon be piloting activities in schools. So watch this space!


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