How does biology explain the low numbers of women in Computer Science (Hint: it doesn’t)

Thanks to Fast Company I’ve just come across this excellent slide show by Terri Oda, a computer scientist at the University of New Mexico.

Terri OdaThe Fast company report includes a great interview with Oda. Asked why she created the slide show she says:

Women in computing tend to have to waste an awful lot of time answering questions related to being a woman in computing. Case in point: My male colleagues are doing science while I’m taking time to answer this email. So I wanted to make something short, funny, and easy to pass around so women could turn those stupid arguments on their heads. Judging from the emails I’ve gotten, it’s been pretty effective!

The case she makes in the slides, and the interview, could (should) be applied much more widely in discussions about women’s employment in technology and engineering…


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