Teach Design August Newsletter

Teach Design have just published their latest newsletter.

It contains a number of interesting items but the big news is that they have obtained sponsorship to publish a magazine.

We are delighted to announce that we will be distributing a FREE magazine for teachers of D&T to all UK secondary schools. Expect to receive a copy in September, January and April, plus a “Special Edition” at some point during the next academic year!

The magazine has been carefully developed to support D&T teachers. It will include case studies from other teachers, and articles from designers and experts to help inspire and improve D&T in schools!

Teacher case studies are written by teachers for teachers, so there is a real opportunity for anyone to get involved and contribute toward this CPD resource! If you would like to contribute to our magazine then please contact us at info@teachdesign.org.uk.

This is not only something to look forward to, but an opportunity to get published…

One thought on “Teach Design August Newsletter

  1. Excellent news – the magazine promises to be a must read item for all d&t teachers and will help to move the subject forward in a timely and rigorous manner.


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