Manchester Maker Faire this weekend!!

If you’re in the Manchester area this weekend, come along to the Maker Faire at MOSI.

We’ve lots going on with a strong programme of workshops, talks and shows as well as about 50 makers exhibiting. And its free.

If you want to drop by and say hello, you’ll probably find me at the soldering workshop….


6 thoughts on “Manchester Maker Faire this weekend!!

  1. Yes I have been to last Ogg Camp in Liverpool was fantastic.
    the 10th October is the DTforum meet up- I don’t mind going further them Merseyside
    The more we drum up across the country the better to support the subject of Design and Technology to share good practice.


  2. Busyish – but I’m always up for a chat….
    I wasn’t planning on going to Ogg camp – but I might be persuadable; have you been in previous years?
    Re the DT Forum I guess you mean this: [not the forum on the David Tennant website (Google’s first hit…)!] and the meeting on 10th Oct? This is a new group to me – but it also looks like a new grouping?
    Do you have plans to extend beyond the Merseyside region?
    I think I’ll struggle to get to you that day as I’m teaching at MMU all day.


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