Joint Computing at School and Digital D&T meeting | Presentation

I mentioned a joint Computing at School and Digital D&T meeting that took place last Monday (8th July) at MMU. It was an ‘interesting’ talk to devise, as I hoped that both D&T and Computing /ICT teachers would be in the audience and part of the brief was to describe to teachers from each subject something of the background to the other subject. So there was an inevitable risk that I would, at any time, only  be saying something new to half of the audience… I’ll let others be the judge of whether I pulled this off or not. [As it turned out the audience was mostly teachers from an ICT/Computing background with a small number of D&T folk present.]

D&T CAS talk 8-7-13I’ve made the PowerPoint of the talk available via my publications page, though I’m not sure how helpful it will be to those who weren’t at the actual event. If you do decide to grab it, please note what I say on that page about the Yanone Kaffeesatz font…

That was definitely a talking session, but we agreed to follow it up next term with a practical session looking at some microcontroller systems; probably PICAXE and Genie with a bit of Arduino and mbed… – and I’ll bring along a couple of Makey Makeys.

We’ll try and get a better mix of D&T and ICT/Computing teachers along to that one…


One thought on “Joint Computing at School and Digital D&T meeting | Presentation

  1. Sounds like a good meeting. Important that d&t teachers work with ICT/computing teachers to explore how pupils might design products with embedded intelligence as now required by the new NC d&t KS3 programme of study. Conversations and collaborative practical work seem an ideal way forward – just the job for the next session!


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