So just what is the problem with cooking and food technology?

Teaching young people to cook is important and so is teaching food technology. The problem is that they aren’t the same and shoe horning cooking into food technology does neither endeavor a favour.  By emphasizing cooking in the way required by the Minister working with food is effectively removed from design & technology. The Minister wants to divorce working with food from designing and making.  We know that food technology requires the following:

  • Designing and making food products,
  • Underpinned by an understanding of the science of food, cooking and nutrition
  • Incorporating an exploration of both existing and new and emerging food technologies
  • In the context of sustainable development of food supplies locally, nationally and globally.
  • Including an appreciation of the roles of the consumer, the food industry and government agencies in influencing, monitoring, regulating and developing the food we eat

This is a tall order for food technology when it is already part of the wider subject design & technology but from a general education point of view it is very important that young people learn about this area if they are to have an informed voice about the food related issues that will face us in the future.

By limiting working with food to cooking the minister denies young people that voice.

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